people are our energy

The working group of InAr is based upon the many years of collaboration. The very first collaborative relations date back to the early ’80s: this allows our organization to rely on experiences of teamwork extraordinarily consolidated and allows new employees to enter a secure and stable environment. Our absolute conviction is that the human and professional resources are a priceless heritage that should be valued.

Senior Partners and the professional network

InAR relies on professional and academic Experience of its Partners and its Staff: Architects, Engineers, Restorers, Historians, Natural scientists, Doctors, Clinical Engineers, Management Engineers, Economists and Lawyers.

The Executive Board is entrusted to Giovanni Li Calzi

The Technical Department is entrusted to Roberto Capra and Laura Lazzari Li Calzi

InAR has a headquarters in Milano, Italy, equipped with hardware, software (AutoCad, ArchiCad, Revit BIM, STR, Office, spreadsheet programs, programs of Project Management) and all measurement and production equipment needed.

InAR has strengthened its presence abroad over the years with the aim of direct management of projects and is operating today in Bucharest (Romania), Algiers (Algeria) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

Executive Technical Department: Laura Lazzari Li Calzi (Architecture), Stefano Fontana (Architecture), Roberto Capra (Engineering & Healthcare)

Scientific Director: Aldo Castellano (Politecnico di Milano)

Managing Director: Giovanni Giulio Li Calzi

Administration and Finance: Riccardo Levantino

Architecture: Maria Signorelli, Marco Maganza, Iva Stefanovic

Healthcare: Graziano Grupelli, Luca Menozzi, Alberto Gennaro, Marusca Commissario, Daniela Ferri, Giampaolo Stopazzolo (medical advisor), Franco Meloni (medical advisor)

Engineering and Restoration: Massimo Mazzoleni

Environmental Design: Filippo Bernini, Gregorio Grassi

Consulting: Cecilia Felicetti

Cost extimate Security: Roberto Rusin, Paolo Medagliani, Sonia Baldelli

General services: Pasquale Donnarumma, Cristina Serote

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